Butterfly Vibrators Take the O-game to the Next Level

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Are you looking for a break from the routine of hand-held vibrators? Make no mistake- vibrators are fun and sexy. But, at times, the burden of holding them for hours could spoil the game. Sometimes, you do crave for hands-free fun so that you can engage your hands in other more interesting places. But, no worries, butterfly vibrators would come to your rescue here. Attached with a strap-on they sit pretty on your vagina and stimulate your clit like a boss- without you having to hold them.

Butterfly vibrator- a must have

A butterfly vibrator is a must-have in your adult toy arsenal and that too for all the great reasons. As mentioned previously, they allow you to enjoy easy hands-free buzz. But’s not all about it. The most important aspect of the toy is its unique design. As you can get from the name itself, the toy is shaped like a typical butterfly. The main body pulses against the clit, while its wings work to caress and pamper the labia. The toy is designed for extremely powerful orgasms that will leave you moaning in delight. Then, there are some cutting-edge butterfly vibes that even carry penetrative extensions.

Put simply, butterfly vibrators are like wholesome pleasure. They are essentially designed to stimulate your clitoris and sweep you to the cloud 9 of seamless ecstasy. Once you use a butterfly vibrator, the very thought of it will leave you dripping wet. You can even wear it while enjoying penetrative sex with your partner. Don’t worry, the vibrator will sit over your clit and won’t disturb the fun of having your partner inside your body.

Besides, some modern versions of butterfly vibrators even carry a remote control so that you can  control the toy remotely. It would be even more thrilling to have your partner tease you remotely and surprise you with bursts of organic pleasure every now and then. As these toys come with strap, you can roam around hands-free. You won’t need to stay confined to your bedroom to enjoy the toy. Rather, you can carry on with your basic household chores while wearing the vibrator and your man can stimulate you remotely through the remote control.

Top butterfly vibrators for you

Are you aspiring to have a butterfly vibrator to sizzle up your intimate play sessions? That’s great and you have a sea of butterfly vibrators flooding the buzz market today. But then, too many options together could be little overwhelming for you. However, nothing to worry- the post below offers a brief on the best butterfly vibrators that will rock your world.

Mr. Hook by Adrien Lastic

You have a state-of-the-art buzz buddy here that assures both clit and G-spot stimulation like a pro. It comes with 5.5” long insertable extension which can be easy for the new users as well. It’s to note here the toy houses separate motors for clit and G-spot stimulation for a more focused buzz.

Mr. Hook sports an adjustable harness which can be removed easily for cleaning. Most importantly, the toy comes with 10 vibration patterns and speed that will allow you to experiment with various vibe modes. This cute butterfly vibrator runs on battery and can be recharged conveniently through USB port.

The toy comes with a remote control that allows you to enjoy the touch of your partner even when he is physically not before you.

Best features of the toy:

  • Easy hands-free buzz fun
  • Dual motor allows powerful buzz for both clit and G-spot
  • Insertable vibrator that assures excellent G-spot stimulation
  • Allows playing with 10 patterns and speed
  • Wireless remote
  • Splash-proof toy assures ease of use


Venus Butterfly Vibe by Lovehoney

If you are looking for a versatile butterfly vibe at rates to fit your pocket, look no further than this Lovehoney beauty. It comes with as many as 10 functions which means you will have plenty of scope to experiment with the toy. It’s a cute hands-free toy with an adjustable strap. This 3.5”-long vibe is made from skin-safe rubber that feels soft on the skin. Brownie points for its ridged point that takes the stimulation to next level altogether. The wings of the toy are flexible and wide and they assure sizeable area to stimulate your labia. The toy is manned by a wired controlled. Moreover, the Lovehoney offers 7 kinds of vibration patterns and 3 speed levels.

Best features of the toy:

  • 3 kinds of speed levels as well as 7 types of vibration patterns
  • Soft touch comfortable surface
  • Hands-free toy
  • Affordable pricing


Desire Luxury Butterfly Vibrator

This sleek, sexy butterfly vibrator is strategically designed to target the most erogenous zones down under with utmost precision. Made from silicone, it assures plush velvety smoothness and maximum comfort. The straps are comfy too which makes wearing the toy a breeze. It works on wireless control which allows you to operate and manage the toy remotely. In regards to vibration pattern and speed, there 8 kinds of patterns as well as 12 speed levels to choose from.

Another great part about the toy is that it’s easily rechargeable with USB cord and each charge assures powerful buzz sessions for two hours straight.

Then, of course, the Desire Luxury Vibe is a wonderful toy that would make a luxe addition to your holiday plans. It comes with advanced travel-lock mechanism which assures no embarrassing buzzes at the airport.

Best features of the toy:

  • Assures earth-shattering orgasm without any extra press from fingers
  • Steals the show with chic looks
  • Allows to alter vibe settings for more control
  • Remote control operation allows naughty games with partner
  • Adjustable hip and leg straps which will hold the toy firmly in place
  • Feels smooth and comfortable on delicate skin

Love Gasm has more butterfly vibrators that can be added on the list, so make sure to show them some love!

So, you have a compact list of butterfly vibrators here. Just make sure to buy your toy from a leading adult toy seller only. Don’t forget to check reviews and ratings before buying a toy. Look for a store that allows easy return and refund on customer dissatisfaction.