How to help your woman increase her sex drive

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Every man out there wants his female partner to be as aroused and ready for action in the bedroom as he is. Although a women’s sex drive is higher than most men realize, they don’t show it as often as men would want to. Some women, on the other hand, experience a significant decrease in their sex drive over the course of years.


Because this is such an important topic for men and their experience in a committed relationship, we’ll share a couple of strategies for increasing sex drive of women. The first thing you need to realize is that there are a number of variables, both psychological and emotional, to why some women experience a decreased sex drive.

Identify the Causes

The first and most important step to increasing female libido is understanding the reasons why it happens. As we mentioned, there are a lot of variables to consider, and the best way to get to the bottom of the issue is clear and honest communication.


The trick here is to accept any and all feedback because you may not like the reasons why her sex drive isn’t as high as it was before. Something you’re doing or not doing may be the reason for her lack of interest in the bedroom. But, there are also other things you must take into consideration. 

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Is she stressed out at work? Does she have some personal issues she’s working through? Have you ever tried talking to her? The sooner you understand what’s causing her sex drive to plummet, the quicker you’ll understand what you need to do to help her increase it.

Cook or Make a Healthy Diet for Her

People don’t realize how many benefits a healthy, home-cooked meal has. The busy lifestyle we all lead has made us choose takeout instead of cooking at home or having a healthy diet. Not only does this reduce the feeling of intimacy, but it’s also bad for your health in terms of nutrient intake. Takeout and fast food are known to have excess sugars and unhealthy fats that have a negative effect on your body and your mood.


With so many cooking shows on TV and unlimited access to thousands of delicious recipes from the world’s cuisine, it’s a question why don’t we cook at home more. It’s healthier, it’s tastier, and it’s a clear sign that you care for someone. Specific foods are also considered an aphrodisiac too, and it’s a great way to improve a women’s sex drive by feeding her specific types of food.


Chocolate, strawberries, watermelon, pistachios, and oysters are well-known for their ability to increase libido in women. And they all taste amazing!

Assist Her in Her Medications

A large number of people are on medication nowadays. A lot of women also use birth control pills, and even though they’re highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, they have certain side effects, one of which is a reduced sex drive. 


The role of a man in the relationship is to support his partner’s decisions, no matter what they are. It doesn’t mean you should shove pills down her throat. Be supportive and take care of her health as much as you do about yourself. It also means that men should be understanding when it comes to women’s libido because it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong if it’s low. It’s just a side-effect over which the women don’t have control. 

Showing your partner that you care about her health will not only strengthen the relationship but most likely end up increasing her sex drive over time as well. 

Use Male Condoms

Different types of birth control are known to have a negative effect on women’s sex drive. Even though it’s a much more intense experience having sex without a condom, using one as a form of birth control can increase a woman’s sex drive. 


This is achieved by eliminating the use of birth control pills that usually have a side effect of negative sex drive. The fact that they don’t need to think about taking birth control pills every day at the same time reduces anxiety and stress, which instantly increases her mood.


If you’re in a long-term relationship and you notice your partner having issues with her sex drive, try suggesting condoms instead of traditional birth control pills unless you’re trying to get pregnant. Although she’ll need some time to adapt, you’ll quickly notice a change in her mood and a boost of her sex drive.

Encourage to Seek Therapy

You can also try visiting a sex therapist. In some relationships, traditional techniques of helping your lady increase her libido just won’t work. It’s not a reason to give up on your relationship but a sign you should try harder to fix things that bother you.


Seeking help from a therapist isn’t taboo anymore, and no one will judge you if you try to improve your relationship this way. Because people feel afraid of hurting their partner, it’s easier to talk in a safe environment with an expert on the topic. Experienced therapists know what questions to ask and what kind of advice to give once they meet you.


Even visiting a therapist individually can help strengthen the relationship because people have issues they’re not comfortable talking about with their partner. Being supportive in any situation will help you improve your relationship, both sexually and emotionally.

Create a Warm and Healthy Relationship With Her

For women, pure physical attraction isn’t enough to keep a high sex drive over time. Yes, physical appearance plays a big role in their sex drive, but it won’t be the thing that will keep it at a high level if other aspects of the relationship aren’t as good.


Constantly fighting and bickering about small things with your partner will surely decrease her sex drive. Some women aren’t as sensitive as others, but the fact is that every woman will lose sexual interest in their partner if they find themselves in a toxic relationship. 


If you’re at the beginning of a relationship, make sure you’re honest and straightforward about everything you consider important. Don’t pretend to like certain things just to impress your partner, but rather embrace your differences. Looking at it long-term, this will create a warm and healthy relationship both of you will enjoy. 


This can also be applied to those who are already in a long-term relationship. It’s never too late to be honest and change for the better. The main issue about this is that people are afraid of change. But when it comes to relationships, whatever you can do to make it better is a good idea.

Exercise With Her

Women’s sex drive is in a tight connection to how they see themselves. If a woman doesn’t consider herself sexy and attractive, her sex drive won’t be at the level it was when she had self-confidence. The advice we mentioned about cooking and having a healthy diet is directly connected to this piece of advice. It can also be a great activity for both of you.


A lot of people want to exercise but can’t find the time or motivation to spend an hour or two every day going to the gym. Being supportive can go a long way, and going to the gym together or exercising together can help your partner get the motivation she needs to get up on the treadmill and start lifting weights. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be doing yourself a favor regarding your health and her sex drive.


The effects of exercising together might not be visible at once. But once they do, you’ll be amazed by how powerful exercise can be when it comes to women’s sex drive.