How to keep your vibrating butt plugs when travelling

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An anal plug with vibration is a type of small vibrator that is intended for anal use. For easy insertion, anal plugs are therefore usually rounded and conical at one end. In addition, one end of the anal plug should be significantly thickened. So it stays in place with little effort and is not completely inserted by mistake. Butt plugs come in innumerable shapes, colors and materials! They are used either for preparation for anal intercourse or for pure stimulation. There are Vibrating Butt Plugs especially for the latter use! Not only they plug you up, but offer a special kick also with their exciting vibrations!

How and why do I use anal plugs with vibration?

Anal plugs with vibration are particularly well suited for preparing for pain-free anal intercourse. They are inserted with some lubricant to relax and stretch the rectal muscles. Use either special anal lubricants or silicone-based lubricants for insertion (caution! Silicone-based lubricants attack the surface of silicone toys!). Otherwise, Vibrating Butt Plugs are also often worn for pure stimulation. They can stimulate the P point of the man during lovemaking and thus ensure a harder erection, or they fill the woman and provide dual pleasure. However you use it, you will find a very special toy with your vibrating anal plug!

Tips for beginners:

The primary thing you must focus on happens to be the size of the ass toy. If you only plan to use the plugin, then it is better to start with the smallest one, with a diameter of no more than 1.5-2 cm. Enter it better while lying down, while trying to relax as much as possible. Suitable for more experienced partners who have long been using traffic jams.

Distinguish such objects and the type of surface. On sale you can find both with a smooth surface and with a ribbed one. The smooth surface is suitable for beginners and for a more delicate feel. The ribbed surface is designed for stronger stimulation. Such traffic jams are best used by people who have quite a lot of experience in such.

Such items are most often made of soft material: latex, medical rubber, leather, etc. Such material helps to avoid microcracks and other injuries around the anus.

Additionally, such toys can have vibration, which is even more stimulation and increases pleasure. However, a very important point is that you cannot use the same cork. It is necessary to have a separate plug for the anus and for the vagina, in order to avoid the penetration of infection or inflammation. Or in extreme cases, constantly use a condom. Do not forget that such an item is a personal thing, so you should not transfer it to other persons, but use it strictly on an individual basis.

What is the use of an anal plug?

In fact, the benefits of wearing an butt plug are much greater than it might seem at first glance. In some cases, even a gynecologist recommends such a sex toy. Sometimes, after giving birth, too much distance is formed between the walls of the vagina, making it very difficult to enjoy sex. The use of this toy helps to significantly narrow the walls of the vagina due to the fact that the anal space is filled.

Some people prefer to wear the cork all the time, as it gives them pleasure. Others are already so used to that they cannot live without it. Also, the plug is worn for training the anal muscles and rapid arousal, like a prelude.

There are additional advantages to using the plugin:

  • Facilitation of the birth process. Trained anus muscles make it easier to give birth and are prevention of hemorrhoids (since there is a strong tension of the anus at the time of delivery, cracks can occur). Using cork helps to pump the anal muscles, which helps to avoid such trouble.
  • Reducing pain with prostatitis. Here, the cork performs the function of a kind of massager, which helps to alleviate the attacks of the disease and reduce pain.
  • Excellentprevention of hemorrhoids in both men and women. Frequent wearing of an adult toy trains the muscles of the anus, improves blood circulation, it is much more effective than any physical activity, since not one exercise is capable of pumping such muscles;
  • Additionalprostate stimulation or prostate massage. A man who has tried such a massage at least once in his life will never refuse it.

Thanks to such stimulation, the orgasm is much brighter and richer, the erection and excitement come faster, it was noticed that the penis also becomes slightly larger in size, due to the strongest filling with blood. Also, a woman’s orgasm becomes more intense and longer.

Couples who have been using butt plugs for a long time noted that intercourse lasts longer, more vivid sensations and desire than before using the plug. Such products are good stimulants of sexual desire, especially for those partners who have long been together and have lost piquancy and diversity in sex.

There are no differences between the female or male plug-in. Some couples liked the butt plug so much that they use it in traditional sex. In addition to sexual pleasure, it was noted that butt plug perfectly restores prostate function, helps to avoid premature impotence.

Psychologists say that such sex toys not only liberate partners, but spiritually bring them together, because quality sex is far from the last point in a stable and strong relationship. For those who have been married for a long time and have lost their former spark, such a toy becomes a kind of common hobby, which helps to return the interest and desire of partners in relation to each other.

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